David Edren & Jatinder Singh Durhailay: Tea Notes

Tea Notes is an avant-garde musical project by Jatinder Singh Durhailay and David Edren. It is inspired by the feelings and enjoyments of tea, as put forth in the paralle publication Journal du Thé.

Oolong, Tulsi, Pu-Her, the titles of the compositions are reminiscent of the musicians’ daily lives, and the diversity of cultures present and celebrated within them. As a leaf infused in hot water, extracting its flavor and properties, the vibrations of Tea Notes open the road of a minimalistic soundscape. This music is also the sound of a memory, the one of shared cups of tea, the quality of time being imbued with the experience of togetherness. Tea Notes is one of, if not the first encounter, between the rare and classical Indian musical string instrument that is the Taus, and the synthesizer, a contemporary electronic music instrument.

- 2018
- 6 tracks
- Produced in Belgium
- Tape + Digital audio download code
-  Co-produced by Poetic Pastel Press and Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant
- First limited edition sold out / Second limited edition now available
- Instruments include Taus, Synthesizers, Keyboard, Strings, Guitar and Kalimba

Listen to one of the composition here.
Please enjoy Tea Notes at home, in a park, alone, with friends, with a cup of tea.

Sold out