Rose et Jaune
Johanna Tagada, Audrey Fondecave, Celina Basra

Photography, Painting, Poetry, Essay
Bilingual, English & French

Looking at Johanna Tagada’s photographs, Wales becomes a French shore, turns into a Japanese Island, and transforms into the coast of California. - Celina Basra

Rose et Jaune is the French London based painter and interdisciplinary artist Johanna Tagada’s latest hand folded and bound publication. Self produced via her independent publication and collective project Poetic Pastel, the title introduces two of her recent and commonly rooted bodies of work; photographs and paintings carrying a narrative.
After their wedding, the artist and her husband went on for a small journey in Wales. An afternoon spent on a sandy beach, flowers, the romantic feeling of a young bride, the discovering of an island as an imaginary settler, are the trigger to both the paintings and dreamy analog imageries.
The publication is sensitive and delicate, including a hand painted page. The colours are soft, yellow, pink and tender pastels which are known to play an important role in Johanna’s practice. With an introduction by Celina Basra and a written contribution by Audrey Fondecave.

First released by Tender Books at Offprint Paris 2015 this publication is one of a kind.

Further information
- A5
- Color Print 
- Book case
- 14,8 x 21 cm
- 32 pages + Cover
- Limited to 100 copies
- First Edition Nov. 2015
- One hand painted page
- 400 g Matte for the case
- Hand-numbered & Signed
- Two Diamond paper pages
- 140g White paper for the content

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