Poster for Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck & Alyssia Lou

A gentle step-by-step on how to do a Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck exhibition from where you are confined (if you wish to).

An initiative conceptualised by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck, produced and developed in collaboration with designer Alyssia Lou in Spring 2020, while both women found themselves confined in France in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. More information via The present edition of one hundred posters is a physical souvenir to this digital art project. All artworks and images by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck.

Further information:
- Colour
- One Poster
- FSC certified paper
- Folded in the middle
- Limited to 100 pieces
- Printed on both sides
- Format A3: 42 x 29.7 cm
- Designed by Alyssia Lou
- Printed on recycled paper in Italy, 2020
- Signed & numbered by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck