COLLETION VOL.IV brings together a collection of twenty-four works by French painter and interdisciplinary artist Johanna Tagada as well as an introduction text by German Art Historian Celina Basra and written contributions by Swiss Contemporary Art journalist and curator Sophie Yerly and British artist Jatinder Singh Durhailay.

The sixty pages composing this new publication are lingering on the rich artistic practice of Tagada by including exclusive photographs of her oil paintings, drawings, photographs, notes and memories of her recent Tokyo exhibition. Three high quality postcards of the artworks Cerisier, Baies Berlinoises and Épistolaire Imaginaire are also included. A nicely packed limited edition of fifty hand-numbered and signed copies with a colourful dust cover. Printed on selected papers using high quality digital colour print and Eco friendly inks, each exemplar has later been delicately folded, assembled and bound entirely by hand in Johanna Tagada’s Berlin studio. Poetically compared to a dandelion the pages are holding together though the use of organic vanilla coloured strings. First released at the TATE MODERN’s Bookshop this publication is one of a kind.

More information:
- A5
- 3 Postcards
- 60 pages + Cover & Dust Cover
- 250g semi glossy Dust Cover
- 300g Matte for the cover
- Four Diamond paper pages
- 140g White paper for most of the content
- High quality digital Color Print
- Limited to 50 copies
- Hand-numbered & Signed

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